Other delicacies

Ovos Moles from Aveiro go far beyond what you might imagine. The past brings other unmissable delights.

lots to discover

Besides Ovos Moles, bonbons, “moliceiros”, chestnuts, boats, mini loafs, cornucopia, “glorinhas” (rings), nests, “delícias” and “suspiros” – all made using Ovos Moles – are a delicious gastronomical tour that makes your mouth water before even trying them.

tradition to savour and enjoy

But there are other sweet temptations at Confeitaria Peixinho, firmly grounded in the age-old art of preparing traditional Portuguese sweets: super-thin “raivas” from Aveiro, with their unbeatable taste and crunchiness, or “almendrados”, with the characteristic, subtle taste of delicious almonds, are perfect for enjoying at home or at Confeitaria Peixinho with a cup of comforting tea or coffee, with a good company.

enjoy anywhere

Whatever the occasion, you can always find a reason to celebrate. What better excuse to take home with you some of the most delicious Aveiro tradition which Confeitaria Peixinho always makes with soul and skill?

Ovos moles, raivas, and almond cookies are the epitome of typical Aveiro confectionery, joined by the traditional, light and incredibly soft Pão de Ló (traditional sponge cake). Raising the bar further, other tempting inspirations are prepared using ovos moles: cake topped with chocolate, coconut, almond, or burnt ovos moles are as sinfully irresistible as lattice cake or speckled cake.

the magic of christmas

At Christmas, Bolo-Rei (king cake), with its golden tones symbolizing gold, candied fruit representing myrrh, and the aroma depicting incense, encapsulates the symbolism of the three gifts that the Magi offered baby Jesus. But no King is without his Queen, and at Confeitaria Peixinho Bolo-Rainha (queen cake) appears richly crowned with delicious dried fruits, showing that this monarch is equally deserving of the throne and crown. And to enhance the banquet, the popular and unmissable Lampreia de Ovos (egg lamprey) in an array of colour that culminates in a wonderful combination of flavours at the family table, full of symbolism.

the easter tradition

At Easter time, festive sweets are also filled with memories and meaning. The Folar (traditional sweet bread) that fills the air with an irresistible scent of cinnamon and fennel represents a new beginning and a new life; it is traditionally given by godparents to their godchildren, wishing them prosperity. The Ninho de Ovos (egg nest), another quintessential symbol of this time of year, is a cake that is typically gifted to friends and features sugared almonds of various colours symbolizing joy and friendship. Milestones from our memories await you on special days and with special flavours, at Confeitaria Peixinho. Or almonds, an Easter classic that at Confeitaria Peixinho are covered in chocolate.