Origem dos Ovos Moles

The origin of the soft eggs of Aveiro dates from century XVI, long before until the creation of the city. One of the legends says that it was created by a nun of the Monastery of Jesus, who was fasted as punishment by the Mother Superior.


Tired of fasting, the nun began to pick up the egg yolks and mix them with sugar. In order not to be caught in the act, she hid the candy next to the hosts. When the candy was finally discovered in the Convent, it was shouted “Miracle!”, For such a delicious candy must be God’s work. There is also another story that tells us that it was common at the time for people to give religious to chickens.


Egg whites were used to iron clothes, and since there was no use for the gems – which had a very short shelf life – it was discovered that by adding sugar to them, their shelf life increased considerably. The recipe for soft eggs was then passed by word of mouth and continued until today thanks to the women who were taught by the nuns of the various convents in the region and Confectionery Peixinho is one of the most traditional houses in the manufacture of this candy, which kept the original recipe used by nuns centuries ago.


Traditionally the soft eggs of Aveiro are sold in wooden barrels painted outwards with the traditional moliceiros boats and other drawings that refer to the Ria de Aveiro. Most commonly they are wrapped in wafers shaped like shells, fish, shells and other marine objects, which refer to the traditional images of the region.


Ovos Moles de Aveiro was the first confectionery product to be named Protected Geographical Indication and its manufacture is strictly regulated by APOMA (Aveiro Moles Producers Association).