Take with you the tradition of Portuguese conventual delicacies, perfect for any occasion. So much to get lost in, at the Confeitaria Peixinho!

Peixinho, wherever you are

At Confeitaria Peixinho, discover the pleasure of the heavenly Ovos Moles made according to the original recipe and in all its delicious perishes: Bonbons of Ovos Moles, Moliceiro of Ovos Moles, Barquinho of Ovos Moles, Cornucópia of Ovos Moles, Glorinha of Ovos Moles, Ninho of Ovos Moles, Delicacie of Ovos Moles and Suspiro with Ovos Moles.

But also, the light Pão de Ló (traditional sponge cake), the delightful Encanastrado, the unique Coconut Cake, and the sublime Speckled Cake! And on special dates, the traditional Bolo Rei (king-cake), Bolo Rainha (queen-cake), and the Lampreia de Ovos cannot be missing on the Christmas table, to offer to your loved ones or yourself, Folares and Eggs Nest are a symbol of Easter.

Special memories that Confeitaria Peixinho prepares every day for you.

During Christmas and Easter seasons, you can also find Ovos Moles from Confeitaria Peixinho at Casa Pereira da Conceição, no. 102, Rua Augusta, in Lisbon.


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